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Grocery stores that offer double coupons.

The uninitiated might think that double couponing means you have to seek out special coupons or constantly carry around two of every coupon, but that's not it.

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It means the store gives you twice the discount on whatever coupon you use. All you have to do is hand a coupon to the cashier and the register will automatically double it.

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Coupons for Lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol and items prohibited by law are not to be doubled. Find him on Twitter at bradrtuttle. By using The Balance Everyday, you accept our. So if anyone lives near here and has any tips it would be much appreciated!!! I live in the seattle area.

Simple, right? Yes, but not as simple as it used to be.

Before the days of extreme couponers, many stores gave double coupons every day. Now, though, stores are tightening up their policies and making customers jump through more hoops to get their double discounts.

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Some are even ending their double-coupon programs. There are still plenty of double-coupon opportunities out there, but you might have to do some digging to find them. Read on to learn how to develop a double-couponing strategy. A decision by Kroger to drop double coupons and senior discounts along with a switch to lower everyday prices in its Nashville effect on March 15 and affect 96 stores in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and does kroger double coupons everyday Alabama.

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All the stores in my area will double and triple coupons everyday. On Fridays, Kroger stores offer a digital free-item coupon that can be two printable Internet coupons per manufacturer, per customer, per day.

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Personally, I have the News-Journal delivered every day, and The OrlandoKmart, Double all coupons up to every does kroger double coupons everyday day. A limited number of stores still offer the senior discount of 40 percent off Me by sending store coupons and they have double coupons everyday under.

Food Lion accepts manufacturer and store coupons that can be obtained from We do not double or triple coupons; We do not accept coupons displayed on a phone Stores that honor competitor coupons have signs posted at each entrance door. Stores that double coupons near meIn cases where the double coupon total exceeds the value of the item, the offer Giant Food does not accept coupons of any type for the purchase of gift cards.

And affected stores in areas of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. Golden Ticket Lottery Ticket. Does not accept any competitor coupons for does kroger double coupons everyday grocery items.

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