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Beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. By using the Beastcrafting recipes, you have the chance to craft a unique Headhunter. Time-Lost Incubator is an incubator and can drop valuable Unique Item. You have the chace to obtain Headhunter. Cadiro Perandus can offer a Headhunter unique item in exchange for Perandus Coins. A Perandus Coin is a currency item that can be used to trade for items offered by Cadiro Perandus.

They were exclusive to the Perandus leagues. Main skill: Cyclone. There are the support skill gems for Cyclone :.

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Is there any easy way to get the "Darkness Exchange Coupon" in Dragon Nest hard. for me i have open almost altea and theres no wing/ dark weapons. Heroes who purchase 10 Unique Dragon Gem Craft Packages will be given extra reward, 1 Atonement Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon!.

Nebuloch Nightmare Mace. Offhand Weapon: Nebuloch Nightmare Mace. Belt: Headhunter Leather Belt. Drop Item Level For a natural drop, Headhunter requires item level 40 from a Nemesis modded level 38 zone from a Rare mob. The base type is Leather Belt. You must chance a normal item of Leather Belt while standing in a map with Nemesis mod Zana nemesis map.

However, at PoE 3. Beastcrafting Item Level For Beastcrafting, the resulting item level is equal to the level of the main beast sacrificed. In order to get Headhunter , you must get a Farric Ape with item level PoE Headhunter Farming 1. Slain Monsters 2. Headhunter Divination Card 3. Using Orb of Chance to chance a Headhunter 4.

Using Ancient Orb to reforge a unique belt 5.


Kinda scared, the Redditor said. Forum Rules. You can receive a random fragment. Change language. Book with a coupon and save instantly Start saving now.

Applying Beastcrafting to create a unique belt 6. Time-Lost Incubator 7. Cadiro Perandus 8. Exchange PoE Currency for it 9. Purchase from Sellers 1. Slain Monsters This unique item is firstly introduced in Nemesis league. A set of 8 The Nurse can be also exchanged for a The Doctor as well. Using Ancient Orb to reforge a unique belt Location: map with Nemesis mods. Applying Beastcrafting to create a unique belt Beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie.

Recharges 5 entries to the Stockade. Increases the number of Upper Dungeon entries by 5. Recharged keys will disappear the next day if not used.

Recover stamina when used. Recovers your stamina by your stamina limit. Obtained only from events. It also says on the description of what artifacts will be available. Only for Heroes released before the 9th of November.

Players would then be able to select which hero they'd like to receive a darkness costume for. Can be used on currently owned Heroes. A variant icon of the costume ticket:.

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When used gives the player a random unique weapon. The Unique Weapon Ticket can then be found in the user's inventory under Consumables and when used, will allow the user to see which current Unique Weapons are available to be selected. When used gives the player a random unique treasure. Can be used to reforge equipment options.

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Hero tickets allow you to immediately acquire whatever hero you want depending on the ticket, no RNG. However some heroes may not be available in the ticket. It is said on the description of each ticket what heroes will be available. Can only select heroes released before September 21, General rule of thumb is that new heroes will be unavailable. NPC Heroes are not included. Picking a hero you already have will give you fragments and a stone of infinity if applicable. T1 hero ticket. From King's Raid Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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