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But make no mistake: A new car's value plummets in the early days and years of ownership. If that sounds like your style, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of today's best used cars, broken down into specific categories. It's important to note that we focused on models sold new in the model year since these vehicles are likely to be coming off lease today and entering the used-car marketplace.

How did we pick them? To make the cut, each of our used cars needed both a strong rating from our test team experts and a solid consumer rating based on our plentiful consumer reviews. We also combed through Edmunds' robust nationwide transaction data to determine how much you can expect to save by buying used compared to a new model of the same vehicle. Because let's be real — when it comes to used-car shopping, price is paramount. But saving less up front generally means a better resale value down the road, so that's another factor to consider. Utility vehicles have become so popular that it's easy for regular used cars to get lost in the shuffle.

That's a shame, because cars have so much to offer, whether you're looking at tried-and-true family sedans or versatile hatchbacks and wagons. You can even opt for a hybrid, plug-in-hybrid or fully electric used car, and there are plenty of used luxury cars that might now be in your price range. It's a great time to be a used-car shopper, so let's get started. Forget what you've heard. Sedans aren't dead; they're not even dying.

They're just no longer the shiny new objects thanks to today's countless SUV variants. But really, a lot of drivers don't like to sit so high. And a lot of them still like trunks. The Maxima's dramatic design and punchy six-cylinder engine make it a strong choice among used sedans.

Its high-quality interior also rivals those of luxury sedans. A new Maxima is priced like similar full-size sedans from Toyota and Buick, which may give some buyers pause. The Mazda 3 has long been a staff favorite thanks to its dynamic handling and sophisticated style. But it's not just us. Consumers love it, too, and it also might just be the best used car you can buy. That's a bold claim, but it's backed up by the numbers. What's not to like? Looking for a family sedan with loads of room, a large trunk, comfortable seats and an interior ideal for long-haul driving?

Look no further than the Toyota Avalon. A quiet cabin and optional luxury touches such as rear-seat climate control make the Avalon perfect for road trips. Although the ride sometimes isn't as smooth as we'd like, this big Toyota comes with a muscular V6 engine that really hauls the mail while returning good fuel economy. It's also quite rare to find a well-regarded Toyota model that depreciates this quickly, so the Avalon should be especially appealing to used-car shoppers.

Once you've owned a hatchback, you might never want anything else. The perfect hybrid of sedan handling and wagon practicality, the hatchback is the Swiss Army knife of the automotive world. Scion may be no more, but its mission to bring fun, youthful and affordable cars to new buyers lives on in the used iM hatchback. The iM was reasonably priced when it was new, and now it's a solid used-car value, loaded with features and backed by Toyota's reputation for reliability. It's not particularly fast or roomy, but it's comfortable and well-suited to tight city spaces. Note that the model's name changed to Toyota Corolla iM from , and the iM was discontinued altogether after The Golf's athletic handling, high-quality interior and zesty turbo engine make it a favorite among both our expert staffers and our consumer reviewers.

Some examples even came with a proper manual transmission. You can reach back a number of years for a used Golf at a great price, but we suggest sticking with a or later model. The Golf was completely redesigned for the model year, but in Volkswagen upgraded the touchscreen infotainment offerings and added USB connectivity. It might look small from the outside, but the Hyundai Elantra GT offers substantial cargo capacity. With 51 cubic feet of maximum space, it's nearly as commodious as some small SUVs. The GT's hp engine is also one of the strongest in its class, although it takes a toll on fuel economy.

Americans love SUVs so much that the category has displaced sedans as the average family's daily transportation. With an elevated height, extra passenger space and useful cargo capacity, it's easy to understand why. Yet the CX-5 still has the tall seating position and large cargo hold of an SUV, along with impressive fuel economy and top safety ratings.

You'll want one with the 2. With midsize dimensions, it's not dramatically larger than smaller alternatives, yet it offers appreciably more passenger and cargo space while still feeling tidy and maneuverable on the road. Most drivers will be satisfied with the standard 2. Any used Edge represents a solid value, but and later models benefitted from the introduction of Ford's excellent Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment system and standard keyless entry and ignition.

Need room for six or seven passengers in a reasonably sized wrapper? Fully redesigned for , the Sorento could give you the best of both worlds. Like the Ford Edge, the Sorento boasts an attractive interior and multiple engine choices, also featuring a long warranty and top safety ratings. One caveat: Although the Sorento's optional third row is useful, it's pretty tight.

Kids will be fine, but you won't want to keep adult friends back there for any longer than necessary. Americans love trucks almost as much as SUVs. The top-selling car in the country is actually a pickup, and why not? Pickups can tow and haul but also be civilized and comfortable. Not everyone needs one, but attractive prices on used models mean almost anyone can afford one. The Colorado kicked off today's midsize pickup revival with its debut in , offering full-size truck capabilities — hauling, towing, all-terrain — in a more maneuverable package. A comfortable ride, a choice of three engines including a fuel-thrifty and torque-rich diesel ideal for towing , and advanced infotainment features make the Colorado an easy truck to drive every day.

Colorados hold their value, though, so you'll have to hunt for a deal. On the bright side, there'll be more retained value when you're ready to sell. Savvy truck shoppers will know that corporate siblings GMC and Chevrolet offer similar trucks in different packages, and that's true for the Canyon and Colorado twins. So what's different about the Canyon?

Exterior styling, for one, highlighted by a bold upright grille, muscular fender flares and more chrome accents than the Colorado. The Canyon's interior is also a step up from the Colorado, with luxury-like touches such as leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The best-selling car in America isn't a car at all, but a pickup truck. The Ford F lineup offers four engines, three cab styles and three bed lengths, making it diverse enough to suit almost any need, from workhorse hauling to weekend towing.

It also happens to be an excellent value on the used market. When your priority is maximum fuel savings, nothing beats a hybrid. The best ones get mpg combined, while plug-in models feature bigger battery packs that allow you to cover miles on electric power alone. The hybrid that became a household name is also one of the top used-car picks. Funky styling and odd interior quirks aside, that's a solid deal given the Prius' roomy hatchback utility and exceptional fuel economy.

Stick with the redesigned and later models since these are quieter and add a previously absent sprinkling of sporty acceleration and handling. Hyundai has forged its revamped reputation on delivering value without sacrificing quality, and the Sonata sedan is a key pillar in that effort. Like its conventional counterpart, the Sonata Hybrid blends a refined and roomy interior, ample standard features and a smooth ride. It also boasts fuel economy of up to 42 mpg.

We liked the original Chevrolet Volt when it debuted in , but the current second-generation model, which arrived in , is even better. A new body structure improves handling and ride quality, while a quieter engine returns better fuel economy. The cherry on top is the upgraded plug-in battery pack, which delivers up to 53 miles of electric range. That's enough for most daily commuting needs without ever dipping into the gas tank, setting the Volt apart from its more limited plug-in peers.

The Volt's hatchback-style liftgate also makes it easy to load and remove cargo. Remarkably, this all-around excellent vehicle can now be had for just half of what it cost new. The family van design that took shape in the s remains with us today. Despite strong challenges from three-row SUVs and crossovers, the minivan is still here and still relevant. After all, it's hard to beat sliding side doors, three-row seating, and a low step into the cabin. We've used words such as "vast" and "cavernous" to describe the space inside the Honda Odyssey, and it's not hyperbole.

An eight-passenger crossover might be the solution to minivan-averse families, but there's no denying the practical benefits of the Odyssey's three rows, easy access and immense interior volume. Even behind the third-row seat, luggage space is more than twice what you'd find in a large sedan's trunk. The Odyssey's sliding second-row seats also come in handy, although you'll need some capable arms if you want to remove them completely.

Toyota's attempt to distinguish its Sienna from Honda's Odyssey has led to cringe-worthy marketing descriptions such as "Swagger Wagon. While the Sienna doesn't feel quite as refined or full-featured as the Odyssey, it comes with a robust V6 engine and even a bit of handling verve, particularly in SE trim.

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The Sienna is also the only minivan available with all-wheel drive, making it a top choice for all-weather drivers. The next step beyond a hybrid is a pure electric vehicle, and some good EVs have already migrated to the used-car market. EVs are quiet, handle surprisingly well thanks to low-mounted battery packs , and can be ideal for drivers who typically cover only short distances. Be aware that as batteries age, they tend to hold less charge and therefore power fewer miles between plug-ins.

Best SUVs for 2019 & 2020 ― Top-Rated Small, Midsize, Large, and Luxury SUVs

The e-Golf starts with the goodness of the regular Golf hatchback and subs in an electric motor and a battery pack. You'll find the same high-quality interior, smooth ride and spirited handling in a package that delivers between 80 and miles on a single charge. Plus, the e-Golf doesn't compromise cargo space for its battery pack, as do many EVs based on traditional gas-powered designs. Buying a used e-Golf saves half of what you'd pay new, but you may have to hunt to find one. Production numbers were low and exclusive to a dozen or so states.

The i3 is a uniquely BMW take on the electric vehicle. The A3 maintains its position as one of the most desirable entry-level luxury compact sedans. The A4 packs more technology, luxury and performance than you might expect. It might sneak up on you but Audi A4 is as good as compact luxury sedans get. It has all the luxury and performance you'd expect, but the new tech interface leaves us wanting more. The A6 isn't the freshest on the market, but it remains an excellent, well-rounded choice.

The A7 is a sportier and sleeker version of the luxurious A6. The Audi A8 is a luxury sedan with style, class, and dozens of impressive high-tech features. With hp and all-wheel drive, the Audi RS 3 packs a lot of performance into a compact package. The Audi S4 combines equal parts luxury and performance to keep it at the top of its class. Combining luxury, technology and performance, the Audi S4 is at the top of its class.

The Audi S6 offers that most intoxicating of automotive virtues: power. The Audi S7 offers an alluring combination of performance, style and practicality. The BMW 3 Series marries performance and refinement like few other sedans. Consider the 4 Series a cushy luxury coupe instead of the sport-minded two-door it wants to be.

The BMW 5 Series provides an optimal balance of performance, prestige, luxury and technology. The BMW 5 Series is fast, comfortable and overflowing with technology. Style, comfort, speed, technology: The 7 Series is a supreme luxury machine. Few cars better combine the speed of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan than the M5.

The LaCrosse has Buick personality, with a twist of technology for efficiency and convenience. The Buick LaCrosse is more than just another large sedan. It's a genuine luxury car. The ATS-V's exceptional power and control ratchets up the base car's capability several notches. The Cadillac CT6 is a roomy sedan with advanced tech and assist features and modern styling. The Cadillac CTS is an often-overlooked performance luxury sedan. The Cadillac CTS easily integrates performance in a segment where it's increasingly lacking. The XTS is something of an old-school cruiser.

Comfort is king, but it also packs modern tech. This nod to big, old-school cruisers keeps comfort as king but also packs in modern tech. The Cruze is a contender if you value in-car infotainment tech, great handling and a diesel engine. The Cruze's appeal comes from its sporty demeanor and easy-to-use infotainment system. Comfort and space are the Impala's strengths. Searching for a roomy and stylish midsize family sedan? Check out the Chevrolet Malibu. Bold American style, a quiet cabin and understated luxury make the Chrysler a rare breed today. It's a purely American sedan with massive power, brash style, and lots of options for customization.

An unapologetic American sedan with massive power, brash style and abundant ways to customize. The Fiesta offers a lot of personality at a low price. As the sun sets on this generation of the Ford Focus, it remains a quietly competent compact car. Modern tech, sharp driving dynamics and a sleek style make the Fusion an appealing midsize sedan. The Taurus is an outdated large sedan, but at least the SHO trim provides some thrills.

The Taurus' lack of discernable strengths makes it less compelling than rival sedans. A fun-to-drive character and lots of features for the money make the G70 a legitimate contender. Brimming with luxury features, the Genesis G90 provides an affordable executive experience. The Genesis G90 delivers a premium luxury experience at a tantalizingly affordable price. The Genesis G80 is a lot of car for the money and makes few compromises in doing so.

The Accord continues to impress with strong engines, a smooth ride and a well-packaged interior.

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The Accord is a perennial favorite in the midsize class, and this newest model is no different. With an updated look and more standard safety features, the Civic is a clear class leader. One of our favorite small cars, the Honda Civic impresses with its character, content and practicality. The Honda Clarity gives you a choice of three different powertrains.

The plug-in hybrid version is our favorite. The plug-in hybrid Clarity is the obvious choice for its range, efficiency and comfort. The Insight is a more grown-up affordable hybrid: refined and nice to drive, without flaunting its green cred. The Honda Insight is back. It gets excellent fuel economy and looks and drives like a regular sedan. The Accent might look budget, but impressive handling and fuel efficiency make it a compelling pick. Smart, sensible and stylish, the Accent offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Hyundai Elantra costs much less than its rivals but lacks the polish to keep up. The Elantra is a great value, but it lacks the polish to run with top small sedans. The Hyundai Sonata's usability, technology and efficiency make it desirable. Restyled and upgraded, the Hyundai Sonata is still a top midsize sedan. Lacking any notable updates, the Infiniti Q70 just doesn't stand out from the crowd.

No Infiniti Q70 variant truly stands out in the crowd. The XE is a smaller and tidier Jaguar sedan that keeps the brand's flair for performance and style. Jaguar's XE delivers big-cat style handling prowess in a kitten-size package. An elegant and sporty alternative to German luxury sedans with a British twist. Elegant style, balanced performance and British charm remain hallmarks of the Jaguar XF.

Jaguar's largest and classiest luxury sedan gains new muscle for in the form of the XJR The Cadenza's quiet ride and delicately trimmed cabin prove that the large sedan isn't dead yet. It's built for comfort, not for speed. The Cadenza has lots of space and a calm disposition. The Kia Forte is a competitive small car that offers more features at a lower price than its rivals.

The Forte exceeds expectations for style, comfort and value. The K delivers the comfort of a full-size luxury sedan for an affordable price, but it comes with a few compromises. Affordable and packed with features, the Kia Optima offers plenty of value. We recommend the Optima to anyone looking for an affordable and feature-packed family sedan. Kia's likable little Rio is easy to use and pleasant to drive. This redesigned Rio may be small, but it has a big attitude.

Practical and packed with performance, the Kia Stinger is a bargain compared to European sport sedans. It's not just good for a Kia; it's good compared to anything at or well above its price. The ES h fills a large gap between economy hybrids and pricey hybrid performance sedans. The ES h is a great choice for anyone looking for a luxury sedan that gets excellent fuel economy. The most popular luxury sedan in America gets a complete overhaul in order to maintain its crown. The Lexus GS h proves that getting great fuel economy doesn't have to mean giving up on luxury. The GS F is a characterful sport sedan that delights even if it cedes ultimate speed to others.

The GS F makes great noises, responds brilliantly to inputs, and won't beat you up while commuting. Sharp style and a quiet cabin make the Lexus IS a smart pick for a small luxury sedan. Sharp style and attractive value make the Lexus IS a smart pick for a small luxury sedan. Exceptional comfort and world-class quality make the LS one of the world's elite luxury sedans.

The Lincoln Continental has enticing luxury appeal but ultimately falls short of its lofty legacy. Despite its distinctive style, this roomy sedan faces increasingly stiff competition. The Lincoln MKZ comes well-equipped with features but falls a little short of providing a true luxury experience. With three powertrain options, the MKZ spans a wide swath in the entry-level luxury sedan segment.

The Mazda 3 is a prime example of how a car can be greater than the sum of its parts. The stylish Mazda 6 is the best-handling car in its class. It remains one of our favorites. The new A-Class provides great driving dynamics, all the latest tech and a luxurious cabin. More than just an entry-level luxury sedan, the C-Class is attractive, well-built and classy. The Mercedes CLA's price may entice you, but we suggest checking out the competition first. The CLA-Class shows promise, but some other entry-level luxury sedans have it beat. The E-Class improves upon perfection with a new mild hybrid powertrain.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road today. For buyers that want maximum exclusivity from their Mercedes sedan, the Maybach is happy to oblige. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class lives at the intersection of exceptional comfort, performance and cutting-edge innovation.

The Mirage G4 provides many big-car features yet is economical in price and fuel use. Edmunds Rating: 5. Improved design, performance and driver safety make today's Altima more competitive than its predecessors. The Maxima offers an appealing mix of dynamic performance and entry-level midsize luxury. Sporty and well-equipped, the Maxima bridges the gap between regular sedans and luxury models.

A roomy interior, easy-to-use cabin, and easy-to-swallow price tag are the Sentra's strengths. Good interior space, a user-friendly cabin and a buyer-friendly price tag set the Sentra apart. The Porsche Panamera offers a well-executed mix of performance, luxury and practicality. The Impreza's impressive list of strengths make it one of the more compelling compact cars. Standard all-wheel drive and an affordable price tag make a compelling case for the Impreza. Built to endure grueling all-terrain racing, the Subaru WRX performs just as well on regular roads and highways.

Though rough around the edges, the Subaru WRX remains a quick and enjoyable all-weather sport sedan. You might expect some rough edges, but the real surprise is how domesticated this car really is. The Avalon's silky power and comfort remind one of when roomy family sedans, not SUVs, ruled the roads. Practical, fuel-efficient and spacious: The Camry is a seriously well-rounded midsize sedan. The Camry is a top pick among midsize sedans, with high marks for comfort and ease of use. The Camry Hybrid does everything a midsize sedan should.

Excellent fuel economy is simply a bonus. The redesigned Camry Hybrid gets better mileage, a stylish appearance and a good on-road presence.

Used Sedan Ratings

And, since you turn in your car every three years, if you lease a car that requires a down payment, that expense will come out of your pocket each time you get a new lease. The E-Class improves upon perfection with a new mild hybrid powertrain. Can older kids reach USB ports or climate controls without issue? The QX80 does its best to hide its age by adding a new luxurious trim level. Comfortable, capable and family-friendly, the Passport is a great pick for a midsize SUV. Picking an Odyssey is easy since there are six trim levels and no option packages to consider.

The Toyota Corolla will get you there, but there's not much else to say about it. The Toyota Corolla is a competent if not overly exciting choice for a daily driver. The Toyota Mirai and its hydrogen fuel cell represent one possible future for powertrains. The Toyota Mirai is a fuel cell electric car that can be recharged in record time with hydrogen.

Parents' and Edmunds' 10 Best Family Cars of 2017

One of Toyota's best small cars is really a Mazda and it's all the better for that. This Toyota and Mazda partnership is a best-of-both-worlds scenario. If you're seeking a premium mashup of a hatchback and a wagon, your search is over. The Jetta is bigger, more comfortable and more tech-savvy. It's roomy and easy to live with, but otherwise the Jetta lacks any kind of personality. Restrained design and a roomy interior make the Passat ideal for drivers seeking style and space. Its timeless style is a testament to all that the Passat gets right.

Ultra-customizable and packed with safety tech, the S60 is a strong choice for luxury-sedan shoppers. Sleek and safe, this new S60 has what it takes to challenge the established German sedans. It's an elegant and large luxury sedan that's priced more like a midsize one. Flagship luxury sedan spaciousness and luxury for the price of a midsize.

An abundance of technology results in a lack of excitement. The NSX is a technological wonder when it comes to performance but lacks the passion of its rivals. The 4C's driving experience is unrivaled, but usability issues mean it's pretty much a weekend toy. This unique driver's car is a blast to drive, but only in small doses.

A thrilling V10 and long-distance comfort make the Audi R8 an irresistible sports car. With an optimal blend of performance and luxury, the redesigned Audi S5 is a new class leader. Small, stylish and agile, the Audi TT is filled with tech and is comfortable for long trips. The 2 Series is BMW's closest link to its sporty and compact heritage. With plenty of performance and refinement, BMW's 2 Series proves good things come in small packages. The BMW 4 Series remains a top sport-luxury car, but its rivals are just as compelling. The BMW 4 Series remains a strong choice, but newer competitors have it beat for now.

The 8 Series is back with all the style and performance we hoped for. The M4 offers daily civility when you need it and racetrack performance when you want it. The BMW M4 is as good on the track as it is as a commuter.

By the Numbers

Compare prices on the best new cars, trucks and SUVs for sale. Shop and buy top-rated new cars at ubuvewymejas.tk to get the latest deals, rebates, and. New-car incentives and rebates are used by automakers to either spur sales of slow-selling models or motivate a customer to stay loyal to the brand. They often take the form of cash discounts off the vehicle or low APR interest rates for financing.

It's equally capable of arcing along a twisty road, lapping a racetrack or just commuting to work.. Sharp handling with four- and six-cylinder engine power gives the ATS serious performance chops. With light mass and four- and six-cylinder engines, the ATS boasts legitimate performance chops. The Camaro is the best-driving car in its class, but it's not the easiest to live with. It's a muscle car with absurd power, sinister style and best-in-class practicality.

All of the heart-pounding muscle-car personality with fewer sacrifices in practicality. This American icon gets comprehensive upgrades for , making it more appealing than ever. A world-class sports car in the form of a Mustang, the Shelby GT is both practical and powerful. Considered to be the best Mustang ever, the GT offers more than the sum of its parts. The F-Type isn't a car you look to for practicality, but rather a license for irresponsibility.

Gorgeous shape and proportions belie the precise, aggressive tendencies underneath. Lexus continues to refine and improve its striking and luxurious grand touring coupe. Thanks to its luxurious mix of performance and efficiency, the LC h is a distinctive grand touring car. The updated RC is still in need of a performance infusion. The RC looks cool but comes up short on performance.

It's all bark and no bite. The Lexus RC excels in on-the-road comfort but is only average in performance. The RC has middle-of-the-road performance but is tops in comfort. While it can't keep up with the fastest sports cars, the RC F sounds and feels like it can. The RC F has sharp looks and a V8 with personality, but flaws from technology to handling hold it back. Meant for the purist, the Z delivers raw driving performance and not much else. As a purist's sports car, the Z is desirable, but it needs a clean-sheet redesign to make it competitive.

Feel like a track-day hero, thanks to performance-enhancing technology that helps you go fast. The Cayman is costly, but many will find its performance and refinement worth the price of admission. The new is an evolution not a revolution, but it's still one of the best sports cars you can buy. A sports car for the everyday, the is an excellent jack-of-all-trades. The Subaru BRZ remains a purist's sports car, but it's left wanting for more power and better tech.

It's a fun, nimble sports car that begs for an injection of more power. Exceptional balance and handling make the Toyota 86 a thrill on almost any road. The 86 is a blast to drive on almost any road. The Supra is back after a long absence. Thanks to potent power and lively handling, it's definitely worth considering if you're in the market for a sports car.

The Edmunds editors choose the best luxury SUVs on sale today, from sporty subcompact crossovers to limolike full-size SUVs capable of seating seven and towing a boat. With many excellent choices, finding the best midsize SUV for you is a matter of priorities. Edmunds looks at the top-rated midsize SUVs in this competitive group. Don't let all the choices for small SUVs overwhelm you. Read on to find out which vehicles make our list of the best small SUVs. Hybrid SUVs appeal to many car shoppers who seek a balance of interior space, utility and excellent fuel economy.

Edmunds looks at some of today's top-rated choices in this quiet category. Are you looking for the best family SUVs on the market? Trust the Edmunds experts to recommend the best SUV or crossover for your family. The RDX features tons of tech and a unique design in a practical package. The RDX is redesigned for , and it's a strong player. The Stelvio is long on personality, but practicality isn't its strong suit. The Q3 impresses with a lot of features for the price but suffers from subpar performance and tech.

Small sedans

The lines are crisper and tighter, but these subtleties mask deeper changes under the sheet metal. The Q7 has a meticulously crafted interior with cutting-edge technology. It's a great pick for a luxury SUV. This luxurious three-row SUV offers plenty of performance and technology but limited cargo space. Bored with the latest luxury SUVs? The muscular-looking Audi Q8 might just be the solution. The Audi SQ5 provides tons of performance and tech features at a reasonable price.

It's a practical crossover SUV with the heart of a European hot rod. In a sea of humdrum functional compact crossovers, the X1 has the soul of a performance car. The BMW X1 is a compact luxury crossover with the heart of a performance sedan. The X2 isn't as practical as other small crossovers, but it's hard to deny its more appealing shape.

The BMW X4 has the size of a crossover without much of the inherent practicality. It's not much of an SUV, and it's definitely not a coupe. But for its peculiar niche, the X6 satisfies. The X7 has all the presence, space, performance and refinement demanded of a large luxury SUV. The Enclave is more upscale than most three-row family SUVs, but it comes at a cost. The Encore comes with more features and luxury touches than similar competitors.

If feature content is more important than trendy styling, the Buick Envision is a compelling choice. This middle-of-the-road crossover SUV scores points for value. The Escalade embodies big luxurious SUVs, but its age is showing. Towing in comfort is what the Escalade is all about. The Escalade ESV excels at providing space, comfort and the ability to tow your boat. Big, powerful and plush, the Escalade ESV provides a pleasing combination of style and utility.

More established and similarly priced competitors outclass Cadillac's smallest SUV. Cadillac's smallest SUV is outclassed by more established and similarly priced competitors. Whether pointed straight ahead or taking quick turns, the XT5 is comfortable and poised. Confident and reassuring, whether it's pointed straight ahead or turning quickly. TThe Blazer brings sports car styling to the world of SUVs, but it comes at the cost of practicality.

It has big shoes to fill. Capable but aging, the Chevrolet Suburban can still haul cargo and people with ease. The Suburban is worth considering if you need three rows of seating and big-time pulling power. The Chevrolet Tahoe is still a real workhorse, but it lacks the sophistication of its rivals. The Tahoe has a lot of towing and hauling power.

But a lack of refinement holds it back. The Chevrolet Traverse offers class-leading cabin space, but it comes at a premium.

The Journey is a decent value, but time and rivals have passed it by. The Journey is an affordable way to get three rows of seating, but not much more. Underpowered engines and a choppy ride might make shoppers reconsider buying Ford's smallest SUV. Capable engines and one of the roomiest, quietest cabins in the class make the Ford Edge a compelling choice. The Ford Expedition combines modern engineering with versatility and impressive capability. As traditional SUVs go, the Expedition is the best of the bunch. The redesigned Explorer doubles down on safety and tech as it moves to a totally new platform.

The Acadia is a good choice for a midsize crossover SUV, but it offers few distinct benefits. The Terrain has lots of standard safety features and available options, but it's not a top contender. The Terrain could be for you if you're looking to tow and want a loaded, near-luxury small SUV.

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The Yukon is a capable, spacious and versatile SUV, but less refined than most rivals. The Yukon can tow a lot and seat up to nine people. Spacious and capable of pulling a large trailer, the Yukon XL might just fit your family's needs. Strong power and lots of cargo space make the Yukon XL a solid pick for a big family hauler.

The versatile, family-friendly CR-V should be at the top of any compact crossover shopping list. A versatile cargo area helps make the HR-V one of the best small crossovers available. Comfortable, capable and family-friendly, the Passport is a great pick for a midsize SUV.

A smooth ride, plenty of room, and a powerful yet efficient engine give the Pilot an edge over rivals. Thanks to its improvements and added features, the Pilot is a top pick for a three-row SUV. Feature-packed and fun to drive, the Hyundai Kona is one of our favorite vehicles in the class. The Kona is a standout among subcompact crossovers for its value, technology and performance. A new contender for the midsize SUV crown.

Despite costing less, the Hyundai Tucson manages to outclass many of its competitors. The Hyundai Tucson offers lots of equipment for the price, no matter what trim level you choose. Whether called a hatchback, SUV or four-door coupe, the QX30 is a zippy car that's ideal for the city. The QX60 is ideal for long-distance road trips thanks to its roomy interior and smooth powertrain. The QX80 does its best to hide its age by adding a new luxurious trim level.

With new sheet metal over the same bones, the restyled QX80 is aging but very capable. Spanning diesel efficiency to horsepower howl, the F-Pace ranges from functional to feral. The Jeep Cherokee is a distinctive pick for a small SUV thanks to its class-leading towing and off-road capability.

The Cherokee is the best small SUV for towing or off-roading, and it finally has the looks to match. The Jeep Compass is more versatile than rivals, especially in the off-road-ready Trailhawk trim. The Jeep Compass is at its best when you get the off-road-ready Trailhawk version. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most versatile and desirable vehicles in its class.

The Renegade's unique character and off-road ability help it stand out despite some flaws. The Jeep Wrangler is ready to join on any adventure you can dream of. The Wrangler delivers exceptional off-road performance and decent on-road manners for a reasonable price. It's the old model, but the Wrangler JK is still vastly capable and a lot of fun off-road. The Kia Rio is all about features and fuel efficiency. The feature-laden Kia Niro blends popular crossover styling with stellar fuel economy.

For an electric vehicle experience without being tethered by a cord, consider the Kia Niro Plug-In. Packing a third row and plenty of features, the Kia Sorento is the right fit for most families. With its available V6 and third-row seat, the Sorento should be a just-right size for many families. The all-new Telluride has much to offer shoppers looking for a versatile and upscale three-row SUV.