Deals world white rock fire

Deals world white rock fire

Consider rescheduling the use of this equipment before or after the water main flushing. Make sure the cold water tap runs clear before connecting to the in-home water-dependent medical equipment. As a precautionary measure you may store a sufficient reserve of potable water for use during the flushing hours. Please turn off all time delayed water line appliances during the flushing period. If you have water conditioning systems such as water softener or filtration system, you may want to shut off the water supply valve to these systems, until after the water main flushing is completed.

Water for fire suppression is available from the water system at all times during the flushing program. Your water may be discoloured. Water is sometimes discoloured after water main cleaning, but this should not last long. Do not use discoloured water for any purpose that require clean water, such as preparing food and beverages, medical and dental procedures, or laundry. In most cases, the water should begin to run clear again within a minute. If it does not clear, please let us know by calling or email the Water Department.

If this happens, call or email the Water Department.

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Drinking discoloured water should not make you sick; however, it may not smell, taste, or look pleasant. It is safer for staff to work on the streets in daylight. Also, it is easier in the daylight to see when all the sediment has been flushed out and the water is running clear. We will discharge the water into the street catch basins.

We will be using an environmentally friendly product sodium thiosulphate to remove the chlorine from the water before it is discharged. The City takes special precautions to ensure that the quantity and quality of the water flushed is safe for disposal. Before doing any field work, the City investigates water disposal routes and ensures that they are of adequate capacity to receive the water and are not sensitive to the flow.

In most cases, the water is sent to stormwater collection system, or to a drainage ditch. During flushing, the field crew monitors disposal of the water, reduces its energy to prevent erosion, and adds dechlorination pucks to remove any chlorine.


How can I apply? White Rock Classic Scarf. City facilities will be closed on Monday, February This was the first of three fires with three different owners to the same house. Following a pilot study on water treatment technologies, the City of White Rock will move forward with a water treatment plant situated on the Oxford Pumping Station Site to significantly reduce the naturally occurring arsenic and manganese levels in the This median removal is part of the Johnston Road Revitalization Project. Yes, approval is required for any alterations or improvements to the City Boulevard.

Many cities have some type of flushing program to clean their water mains. This is considered the best way to improve water quality and increase the reliability of the distribution system. Though not intentional, this happens from time to time during the flushing program. During flushing, certain valves are closed to provide control over the direction of flow.

It is likely that a valve closure resulted in loss of supply to your block. The field crew will be sent to your block immediately to investigate and identify which valves may have been inadvertently left closed and will be reopened. The colour is due to the presence of solids that are scoured from the surface of the pipes. These may include sand, sediment, iron rust , and manganese, all of which are naturally occurring and common to virtually every water system. At the levels that cause mild discolouration, these solids are not harmful, although they may impart an undesirable taste to the water.

Yes, the City has maintained compliance with all provincial and federal drinking water quality standards. The City performs frequent monitoring throughout the system to ensure the safety and aesthetic quality of your water. Funds from the water utility rates will pay for this program. Water rates will not be increased to pay for this maintenance program. No, each residence and business is individually metered at the service connection to determine consumption.

Your utility bill is based on your specific meter readings. We are using a unidirectional flushing technique, which uses less water than conventional flushing. The City strongly values, encourages and practices water conservation measures. In developing the flushing program, the City has considered the impact of water use and weighed it against the known benefits of flushing.

While a fair amount of water is used and is necessary to create an effective scour, the City uses a flushing practice called unidirectional water main flushing that is specifically designed to reduce overall water usage. The City of White Rock is committed to providing safe and clean water to its water users.

That is why we monitor and test the water and distribution system on a regular basis and address water and infrastructure matters. Fraser Health, as the regulatory agency for drinking water in this jurisdiction, has no public health concerns in regards to the City of White Rock's water safety or quality.

Fraser Health has also created a resource with answers to frequently asked questions about the safety and quality of the City's water. Fraser Health will continue to monitor the quality of drinking water in the City as per the health authority's legislated mandate and established regulations. The Total Water Quality Management Plan TWQMP will provide secondary disinfection to the water supply and upgrade critical system infrastructure to ensure consistent and reliable service of high-quality drinking water.

As a result of the report, the Fraser Health Authority had directed the previous owners of the water utility that a secondary disinfectant had to be in place by June On October 30, , the City of White Rock acquired the water utility from a private company. In , the City of White Rock asked the Fraser Health Authority for an extension in regards to introducing a secondary disinfection so that the City could conduct some testing prior to full implementation of a secondary disinfection.

The Fraser Health Authority approved this and the City had until February 1, , to implement a secondary disinfection treatment. As part of the TWQMP, upgrades to improve the overall system safety and reliability are being addressed. The City conducts ongoing water quality tests. The City performs weekly tests for bacteria and quarterly quality testing for metals, all data is available on our Water Quality page. In October of , when the City purchased the water utility, the total available water storage was 4. During the fire, on May 15, , the total available water to fight the fire was 4.

Since that time, the City has constructed a new water reservoir that did not previously exist and completed a second in April of The 6. Pay parking is in effect from a. Residential parking decals are valid at the West Beach Parkade for up to four 4 hours. If you are staying for longer than four 4 hours, additional time must be paid for. The parkade opens at a.

There is no maximum stay at the parkade. Customers can stay at the parkade from a. The parkade garage door closes at a. Overnight parking is not permitted. Signs are posted for West bound traffic on both Victoria Avenue and Marine Drive, which relay real-time parkade occupancy information. A third sign, posted at the parkade entrance, shows the number of available stalls on each individual level of the parkade. Innovative parking guidance technology assists drivers in locating an available space. The system makes the parking experience easier and more efficient for drivers.

Occupancy detecting sensors control lights above the lanes of travel. These lights are used to indicate locations where stalls are available, and where they are occupied. A green light indicates an available stall. A red light indicates occupied stalls. Blue lights indicate accessible parking stalls on the 1st level, and violet lights indicate electric charging stations on the 2nd level. For information on the parking hours and rates, please contact the parking department at finance whiterockcity. For information regarding the facility, please contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at operations whiterockcity.

Skip to Main Content. Show All Answers 1. Why are we adding anything to our water? Does the City have primary water disinfection? What is secondary disinfectant? How is the City going to address naturally occurring arsenic and manganese in its water supply? What should I do? How do I licence my dog? Can I bring my dog to the Waterfront? Which animals are prohibited in the City of White Rock?

Outside of the City, who can I contact for more information? How do I apply for a business licence? How can I renew my business licence? What is the general fee structure? In what parts of the City can I operate my business? To determine whether your type of business is permitted in the area you have chosen, please follow the following instructions: Use Schedule C - Zoning Map PDF of the Zoning Bylaw, or White Rock's Online Mapping System , to determine what the zoning of your property is.

Please review these definitions to understand whether your use would be permitted. Certain uses are further regulated by use-specific provisions in Section 5. What other approvals might be required for my business? What about liquor licencing? How do I file a complaint? What happens after I make a complaint?

Once staff receive a complaint, it is reviewed to determine if it is valid and related to a City bylaw: If the complaint is valid and related to a City bylaw, a file will be created and will be assigned to a Bylaw Enforcement officer. A full investigation will be undertaken, and if a violation of a bylaw exists, the offending party will be asked to take steps to comply with the bylaw. If the complaint is valid, but not within the jurisdiction of the City, you will be provided with contact information for the applicable agency.

How does the City enforce compliance? Legal Action: If compliance cannot be achieved through voluntary means, or through the issuance of tickets or fines, then the City may proceed with legal action. Voluntary Compliance: Bylaw Enforcement Officers will always attempt to achieve compliance with the offending party through voluntary means. Staff may also prepare a compliance plan with the offending party to accommodate unusual circumstances, giving the offending party extra time to comply with City regulations.

How do I pay for my ticket? How do I dispute my ticket? My question isn't here. Please contact Bylaw Enforcement regarding any inquiries or complaints through the following methods: Call them at Email Bylaw Enforcement. How do I appear before Council? Where do I find information on Council and Committee meetings? How do I make a Freedom of Information request? How do I apply for a grant from council?

What are the email addresses for the Mayor and Councilors? Who do I contact for my utilities such as water, phone, hydro, etc? How do I get copies of bylaws? How do I get my documents signed that require a commissioner for taking affidavits? What is the zoning of my property? What can I build on my property? Do I need a permit to cut down a tree on my property?

What information is required to submit a residential building permit application? What are the costs of a dog license and how long is it valid? How do I apply for a business license? Where can I purchase a parking decal? How can I pay my parking ticket? How can I appeal my parking ticket? How can I report a bylaw complaint? Where can I obtain a marriage license? Where can I obtain a fishing license? What is the fee for a dog licence? Please view more from animal control. Can I take my dog to the Waterfront? My question isn't here - who should I contact?

For any additional information, please contact us at When I smell gas or suspect a gas leak, who do I contact? Who do I contact to report a power outage or an electrical emergency? How do I find out the status of a power outage? What is considered yard waste? Green Can If you live in a single family dwelling or a multi family unit with 6 or less residences that is currently on a residential curbside collection route, White Rock offers weekly pickup of your yard waste and food scraps.

Leaves Tree Plant material Trees and branches will also be collected provided they are tied in bundles and don't exceed three feet in length. I have just completed a house renovation, will the City pick up the construction material? Residents must make their own arrangements to have construction material taken to a landfill: Aldergrove Transfer Station located at: to nd Street Aldergrove Phone: Surrey Transfer Station located at: to Street Surrey Phone: Vancouver Landfill located at: to 72nd Street Delta Phone: Please contact the disposal facility to ensure they will accept the items presented for disposal.

Who do I contact to find out more information on boat moorage at the White Rock Pier? Where can I find the location and coordinates for the Integrated Survey Monuments? Can you fix a streetlight that is out? How do I report a traffic signal that isn't working properly? There is a tree obstructing driver sight lines at an intersection, who should I call? Can I have a driveway access to the lane behind my property or from the street? For more information regarding driveway crossings, resident only parking, and loading inquiries contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at , How can I find out how much traffic uses a certain street?

Does the City of White Rock have a traffic calming policy? Launch WROMS to look up property information like: Sanitary service approximate location and depth Storm service approximate location and depth The City of White Rock's web-based mapping, "WROMS" is a compilation of geographic information drawn together from a variety of sources, historic and current, and does not necessarily include everything or anything for a particular purpose.

How do I go about getting a refund of my damage deposit? How do I report a private contractor or resident making changes to the City Boulevard, illegal filling, or soil removal? I need to place a construction bin on the City Boulevard or at curb side, do I require a permit? I want to create a parking area on the boulevard in front of my house, do I require a permit? I am a contractor needing specifications for installation of offsite services, where can I find them? What is the right-of-way on my property for?

Phone: For general information contact the Engineering and Municipal Operations Department at I'm looking at subdividing my lot, is there somewhere I can get a rough, ballpark estimate on servicing costs? I want to install or rebuild a retaining wall along a City boulevard. Do I require a permit? Previously it was said that monochloramine is harmful to fish. Is this true? What precautions will the City take? Since there have been no issues. Is monochloramine safe? What will the impact of monochloramine be? What are the long-term health effects of monochloramine? What is the amount of ammonia that will be added and will there be an impact on my health?

Does using monochloramine increase the cost of water? Do home water softeners remove monochloramine? Most water softeners are not designed to remove monochloramine. Does bottle water have monochloramine? What does chloraminated water taste like? If monochloramine is such an effective disinfectant, why is it not used in every community? Is monochloramine safe for swimming pools? Will monochloramine make my water clear? When should I call Emergency Services police, fire or ambulance? What constitutes an emergency?

When someone's life is in danger, a life threatening situation where every second counts When a crime is in progress ie: a fight, a theft, a break and enter, a prowler, a dangerous driver on the road putting others at risk, graffiti or other vandalism in progress When there has been a motor vehicle accident, with injuries These are only some examples of when to call How do I register for a Mature Driving Workshop? When should I call the Police? How do I teach my young children about safety? How can I help prevent identity theft? What can I do about graffiti in my neighborhood?

How can I improve the security of my home? How can I survive a fire? Use the following tips to survive a fire: Be Prepared - If you are dependent on eyeglasses or essential medication, keep these items by your bedside for easy access in the event of an emergency. Be sure to take them with you. Install and maintain smoke alarms - Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home and outside each sleeping area.

For maximum protection, install smoke alarms in every bedroom. Keep it low - If you don't live in an apartment building, consider sleeping in a room on the ground floor to make emergency escape easier. Make sure that smoke alarms are installed near any sleeping area and have a telephone installed where you sleep in case of emergency. Never use the elevator. Use the exit stairways and close all doors behind you. Notice the alarm - The majority of fatal fires occur when people are sleeping.

The Crescent Beach/Ocean Park Volunteer Fire Department

Because smoke can put you into a deeper sleep, it is important to have an early warning signal of a fire to wake you up. Prepare and Practice a Home Fire Escape Plan - Draw a simple plan of your home and identify two ways out of every room. Determine a meeting place outside your home. Practice your escape plan at least twice a year.

Test the alarm monthly. Some smoke alarms are equipped with large, easy to push test buttons. For battery operated smoke alarms change the batteries at least once a year or immediately if the smoke alarm makes a chirping sound indicating that the batteries need replacing. Testing smoke alarms may be difficult for some seniors. Rather than standing on a chair to push the test button, remain on the floor and use a broom handle to push the test button. Smoke alarms with a flashlight test or television remote are available.

White Rock Fire Department Acquires Fire Engine

What can I do to keep my home fire safe? You can make your home safer with the following tips: Keep heaters properly maintained.

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Always turn off or unplug space heaters before leaving the house or going to bed. Never smoke in bed. Discard smoking material with care. Think Safety in the Kitchen - Never leave cooking unattended. Turn off appliances as soon as you are through using them. What should I do if I have a fire?

In the event you have a fire, use the following tips: If the door feels cool - brace yourself against it and open it slowly. If safe, leave the building and go directly to your meeting place If the door feels warm or if you see smoke or flames on the other side, shut the door and use your second exit. If you re trapped, seal the openings around the door and vents with wet bedding or towels.

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Call the fire department using to notify them of your location. Open a window and signal for help. If you encounter smoke, crawl low under the smoke. Cleaner air is down low near the floor. Once you are out of the building go directly to your plann3ed meeting place or go to a neighbour's house and call the fire department. Do not re-enter the building. Open up. Make sure that you are able to open all doors and windows in your home.

Locks and pins should open easily from inside. If you have security bars on doors or windows they should have quick-release mechanisms inside so that they can be opened easily. These mechanisms won't compromise your security but they will enable you to open the window from inside in the event of a fire. Check to be sure that windows haven't been sealed shut with paint or nails. When the smoke alarm sounds - check the door.

Stay low behind the door, reach up and feel the door and door handle for heat. Is there anything else I need to know? View tips that everyone should know in the event of a fire: Do the drill - Conduct your own fire drill or participate in regular fire drills to make sure you know what to do in the event of a home fire. If you or someone you live with cannot escape alone, designate a member of the household to assist and decide on a back up in case the designated helper isn't home. Fire drills are also a good opportunity to make sure that everyone is able to hear and respond to smoke alarms.


Stay connected - Keep the telephone nearby, along with emergency phone numbers so that you can communicate with emergency personnel if you're trapped in your room by fire or smoke. Stop Drop and Roll - If your clothes catch on fire, stop where you are, drop to the floor, cover your face with your hands and roll over and over until the flames go out.

Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing while cooking. Where can I get garbage tags for my extra garbage? What is a Green Can? Do I need a Green Can decal? What time do I have to put my garbage, green waste or recycling out for collection? Garbage, green waste and recycling items must be placed at curbside by 8 a. Should I line my kitchen catcher and bin? Why are food scraps no longer accepted in the garbage? I already compost. Why do I need to have a Green Can? Is there a limit to the amount of food scraps and yard trimmings I can put in my Green Can?

Why does glass have to go in the Red bin? What happens to all the food scraps that are recycled in the Green Can? Who is going to clean out the containers? What about animals getting into my containers? Food scraps were already in your garbage, now, they are just being put in a different container. What bylaw includes solid waste collection?

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Is there a fee for City solid waste collection fees? Do I have to have a sticker? Should I line my kitchen container and bin? What about animals getting into my bins? What if I have too much for my bin? How does the processing facility process the waste? Whose idea was this, how did this come about and who implemented this? Can I place wood waste in my Green Can? Yard trimmings are fine but lumber or other wood waste is not accepted. Why does the City not provide residents with bins to use as the Green Can? Why should we wrap up our waste?

Can I put my food waste in my brown paper yard waste bags then? Who is going to clean out the bins? What about the garbage that gets stuck on the bottom of the bins? How often will the City collect the Green Can? The Green Can program is a weekly collection service provided by the City. Should I continue to use my backyard composter?

Who can participate in the Green Can Program? Single family homes and multi-family complexes with 6 units or less. What causes most apartment fires? How is this building different from other homes? A high rise is different in the following ways: An apartment or high-rise fire is no cause for panic. If you plan ahead and practice fire drills, your chances of survival are greatly increased Ensure your building has fire safety plans, including floor plans and evacuation procedures.

Fire safety plans should be posted and visible. If they are not, contact the landlord or building manager. Take the time to review and learn your building's fire safety plan Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. Every resident should plan to be fire safe Since most high-rise buildings re constructed of fire resistant materials and contain enclosed stairwells, fires are generally confined to individual rooms or apartments, furnishings or possibly one floor Stairwell doors are fire doors that must be closed at all times to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and poisonous gases Wood frame buildings up to four stories in height have enclosed stairwells, used to escape the building in case of a fire 3.

How will I know if there is a fire? We would like to take this opportunity to guide you through the entire sequence of a fire alarm or fire emergency and the expected response of you the building occupants: It is recommended that every dwelling have a smoke alarm outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. For maximum protection install a smoke alarm in every bedroom Learn to recognize the sound of the fire alarm, and leave the building immediately when you hear it. Never ignore the alarm as fire may be present in any part of the building Test smoke alarms monthly.

Change the batteries in battery operated smoke alarms at least once a year. Clean smoke alarms at least once every six months by gently vacuuming the exterior. Smoke alarms should be replaced at least every ten years Your building should be equipped with smoke detectors and other fire alarm components 4. What's the plan for my building? You should form your own plan for your building using the following tips: Designating and training a fire warden on each floor of the building is recommended to ensure safe evacuation and ongoing safety programs Develop and practice your fire safety plan.

Know the two quickest and safest ways out of your building Floor plans and evacuation procedures must be posted on every floor. Take time to learn them Have a fire drill at least once a year, but practice your escape plans regularly. Coordinate practice drills with neighbours, the floor warden and the building manager Someone should be assigned to help people with disabilities who may need assistance to evacuate safely 5.

How do I escape from the fire? Use the following tips tp safely escape a fire: Check doors before opening them. Stay low behind the door, reach up and feel the door and the door handle for heat. If the door feels cool, brace yourself against it and open it slowly. If safe, leave the building and go directly to your meeting place. Cleaner air is down low near the floor Get out quickly and safely If an announcement can be heard over your buildings public address system, listen carefully and follow directions If the door feels warm, or if you see smoke of flames on the other side of the door, shut the door and stay in your apartment.

Protect yourself by sealing the openings around the door and vents with bedding or towels.

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Call the fire department of to notify them of your location If there is no smoke outside a window, open it and signal for help. Never go to the roof as you may become trapped with no means of escape or protection Never use elevators in a fire! Use the stairways and close all doors behind you to slow the spread of fire and smoke Once you are out of the building go directly to your planned meeting place.

Ensure has been called 6. There are a few things about fire safety in a high rise all residents should know: Be careful with smoking materials. Large, deep, sturdy ashtrays are best. Soak smoking materials with water before discarding. Check furniture and cushions for dropped matches and cigarettes.

Smokers must remember that alcohol and medications can make you less alert. Do not store flammable liquids gasoline or compressed gases propane in your building, car or storage locker. Do not use balconies for storage. This can block a means of escape, as well as become a target for arsonists. Do not use underground parkade stall for storage of anything other than a vehicle. Keep matches and lighters high on a shelf or in a cupboard where children can't get them. Keep space heaters at least 1 meter 3 feet from combustibles. Never leave cooking food unattended. If a pan catches on fire, use the pot holder or oven mitt and slide a lid or cookie sheet over the flames and turn off the burner.

Replace worn or damaged electrical cords. Do not overload electrical outlets. How do I schedule a presentation? How is the City able to blend its water? Currently, the City can blend its water in two ways: Distribution System Reservoirs 2. How does the city blend water with a distribution system? The system operates using pumps, which create a pressure in the distribution system.

How does the city blend water with reservoirs? What positions are available at the city of White Rock? How do I apply for a position with the City? Can I submit a general application? Do I need an Application Form to apply for a career with the City? What are the minimum requirements for a career with the City? Do I need to submit a copy of my certifications or credentials when applying for a job?

Who do I direct general employment inquiries to? Join the conversation. A legal claim says middle schooler Diego Stolz was beaten on campus, complained to school officials of being bulled, was beaten again, and died. Getty fire spreads in elite enclaves, a celebrity-studded spectacle of L. The Getty fire was not the biggest or most destructive. But fires that break out in the Sepulveda Pass and roar up to the rich and famous become more than natural phenomenons.

Arson investigation underway.

Incoming tide traps teens on White Rock Pier

Police this week are appealing for witnesses to last month's fire at White Rock's Deals World. “White Rock RCMP is actively investigating this. A section of Johnston Road was blocked Wednesday morning as White Rock firefighters extinguished a fire at Deals World. (Aaron Hinks photo).

Fire prompts anxiety among frightened students. A rare December election in Britain will be dominated by Brexit. British general election now set for Dec. Newsletter: Fire knows no boundaries. Activist barred from election as Hong Kong leader warns of recession. Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong is barred from a local election as Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warns that violent protests have pushed the city to the brink of recession.

From the hills of Ventura to the steps of City Hall, L. Fashion trends: Some of the best knitwear looks are coming out of L. Costume-clad trick-or-treaters know that setting the tone for scary good Halloween style starts at the front door. Mattel says sales rose, accounting question is resolved. Barbie and Hot Wheels helped boost the toymaker to the best quarterly sales increase since More kids are watching online videos — and more of them, survey says.

The number of young Americans watching online videos every day has more than doubled since , and they watch nearly an hour a day, the survey says. How to hail a ride or a cab at LAX. Taxis and rideshare cars are banned from curbside pick-ups at LAX. LAX-it, the new pickup zone, debuted Tuesday near Terminal 1.

LAX Global Entry office is reopening after four-month closure. Four months after it was shut down so Customs and Border agents could be sent to the border, the LAX office will resume interviews. Santa Barbara hotels offer three nights for the price of two. Third-night free deal is good at eight hotels, including The Biltmore, El Encanto. Getty Center and Getty Villa to remain closed through Friday because of fire.

The art is still safe, but the Getty Center and the Getty Villa will remain closed because of the threat posed by unusually high winds. Pulitzer winner Tim Page on his life as a teenaged filmmaker and documentary subject. Authorities identify second woman who died when Calimesa fire tore through mobile home park.

Authorities have released the identity of a second woman killed when a wildfire tore through a mobile home park in Riverside County this month. Here are some tips to keep your pets and large animals safe during a wildfire. City Council President Herb Wesson urged the city to suspend licensing for new pot shops. Everything to know about wildfires. Learn how to best prepare for a planned power outage, how to protect a child from smoke inhalation and what to unpack if you need to evacuate. Cam Fowler set a franchise record for career goals by an Anaheim Ducks defenseman in their win over the Winnipeg Jets.

USC Sports. Freshmen are stepping into the spotlight and leading the charge for USC. The Trojans, who host No. Several volunteers recently asked for Muscular Dystrophy Association donations near the Jane Walmart. Volunteers also are gearing up to sell smoked chicken all day on Sept. On that morning, volunteers plan to host a pancake breakfast from 6 a.

Other plans include possibly hosting a chili supper in the fall and a spaghetti dinner in the spring.

The White Rock Fire Department purchased a diesel model last week to help provide better service for the community. This engine, along with two other diesel fire trucks, will help the department run more efficiently. An older fourth fire truck is a model, which is not diesel powered. Volunteers usually average working five to 10 hours a week, he said. Helping others with better equipment and volunteerism is all part of the day.